Automatic traveling head cutting machine

Automatic traveling head cutting machine

FSM Automatic traveling head cutting machine is autoamtic feed material and continuous cutting machine It is for cutting large width and high production.Especially for cutting roll material and long sheet material including  leather, rubber, plastic, cloth, foam, sponge,paper,gasket material,football material,nylon, synthetic leather, PVC board and nonwoven cloth etc.,for batch production.

FSM autoamtic traveling head cutting machine is using servo motor to control the movemen of traveloing had and using automatic feeding, pattern arrangement and cutting. The positioning precision can reach 0.2mm so as to save materials, enhance work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.The machine can automatically complete the cutting of materials and the displacement distance of cutting head and feeding length can be accurately set, which has solved the problem of inaccurate feeding and layering length of multilayer materials.

Due to its design, the machine is extremely rigid and runs with a high degree of synchronism. Fully programmable control machinery for cutting .Only one worker is enough for operation.2 or 3 axis
and LC or CNC control,360º head rotation is avaliable for choise depending on the material .And feed type can be powered material feed rollers or pinch and grab feeder.And the material can be die cutting on the cutting pad ,powered table or moving cutting and feeding belt etc.,

All FSM Products of special specifications can be customized.Any custom build requirement welcome.

Model FTA-25,30,40,50,60,80,100
Max Cutting Force 25 tons,30 tons ,40 tons,50 tons,60 tons,80 tons,100 tons
Cutting table Widths 1800~2500mm or more
Cutting Head Size 500 x 500mm up to 1000 x 1000mm
Custom built:cutting force,bed,head size,feeding type.
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