CNC automatic conveying belt feed beam die cutting machine

CNC autoamtic conveying belt feed beam die cutting machine

CNC automatic conveying belt feed beam die cutting machine is eqiped with cutting belt and conveyor belt is used to transport /feed the original material into the press machine and transport cut material and scrap out of the press. The feed speed and length can be controled by the machine.This make sure the high precision, stable working operation.

Double cylinders mounted over cross members linked end to end with torsion bars. This mechanical balancing system ensures that the maximum cutting force of the press can be delivered anywhere on the bed of the press, and keeps the bed and bridge parallel even under asymmetrical (unbalanced) loads.

The machine have automatic self-lubrication system continuously lubricates the balancing mechanism assuring precision and long life.The machine uses photoelectric center edge detection ensure the precision of the conveyor belt.

These CNC full beam cutting machine are suitable for cutting of thick and multi-layer materials, both in roll and sheet form with a wide range of materials including textiles, plastics, rubber, foam, composites,paper & paperboard, wood, leather, cork, automotive upholstery, gaskets, filters, abrasives, shoe components, envelopes,medical supplies, packaging, sponges, caps, linings, balls, stickers, floor tiles, leather goods, floor mats, toys, and more etc.,

Model FSA-30 FSA-40 FSA-50 FSA-60 FSA-80 FSA-100 FSA-150(200) FSA-300(400,500)
Max Cutting Force(T) 30T 40T 50T 60T 80T 100T 150T, 200T 300T400,500T
Daylight(mm) 50-180 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240 50-240
Cutting Area(mm) 1250×500 1250×600 1250×800 1250×800 1250×800 1250×900 1250×1000 1250×1500
1470×500 1470×600 1470×800 1470×800 1470×800 1470×900 1470×1000 1470×1500
1600×500 1600×600 1600×800 1600×800 1600×800 1600×900 1600×1000 1600×1500
Motor Power 1.5KW 3KW 4KW 5.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 11KW 22KW
Electric Voltage 3 phases x440/415/400/380/220/200V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Weight (KG) 1400 1700 2800 3500 5000 6500 9000 12000
1500 1800 3200 3800 5400 7000 9500 13000
1700 2000 3400 4200 5800 7500 10000 14000
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