Receding Head Cutting Press

Receding Head Cutting Press

Receding Head Cutting Press is full beam press with receding head.Not like the other beam press,receding head cutting press have receding head/beam which can move forward and back for each stroke of cutting job.

The cutting press machine is hydraulic and driven by an electric geared motor.The cutting head retracts after each cut giving excellent vision of the cutting area and enabling the operator to position your die and remove the cut pieces easily.

FSM designed rack and pinion head-speed control system allows quick receding beam speed and adjustable receding distance to produce cycle times ranging from 3 to 4 seconds per die cut.

This mechanical balancing system ensures that the maximum cutting force of the cutting press can be delivered across the entire cutting area of the machine. This hydraulic press machine can deliver its total force during the entire down stroke.

Four column construction which utilizes an internal mechanical levelling system to insure a parallel cutting stroke and full uniform pressure over the entire cutting bed, even when the cutting dies are not in the center of the cutting area.

Another requirement by customers,the die can be attached to the face of the beam and in that case, the operator collects only the cut out pieces. In other words, on this machine, the counterpunches can be situated either on the beam or on the rising table.

Receding Head Cutting Press is good for die cutting the soft material :Automotive components and parts,Cork,Carpets,Composites,Gaskets,Rubber,EVA,EPE,Foam,Felt, Packaging,Shoes,Sponge,Plastics,PVC tile, Textiles,etc., is very flexible for both roll and sheet materials in single layer and multi-layers.

FSM accept custom built machine based on request.

Model FH-30, 60,80,100,150,200,300
Max cutting force(Ton) 30T, 60T,80,100,150,200,300
Daylight(mm)  50-250 depending on machine option
Working area(mm) 1600×500,600,700,800,900,1000,1200,
1800×700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500
Motor power 1.5 to 22KW
Machine Net weight (KG) 1400 to 16500
1500 to 17500
1700 to 18500
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